2022 ASHE Academic Achievement Award 

This award was presented to Marie Mora. Dr Marie Mora is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives at University of Missouri St Louis Dr Mora has written extensively on the labor outcomes of Hispanic in the US over the last 25 years She and her co authors have studied Hispanic entrepreneurship, educational attainment, and the effect of English fluency on labor market outcomes She has received over 4 million dollars in external grant as principal investigator since 2006 She has authored over 55 refereed journal articles and book chapters appearing in such outlets as the American Economic Review P&P, Industrial Relations, Journal of Population Economics, Social Science Quarterly, International Migration Review, among others She has edited and (co –)authored seven books including Hispanic Entrepreneurs in the 2000 s An Economic Profile and Policy Implications, which received the 2014 Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award Most recently, she and her co authors, Alberto Dávila and Havidán Rodríguez, have written about the Economic Crisis in Puerto Rico They have a forthcoming column entitled Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico Disaster, Vulnerability & Resiliency.

Dr Mora authored several manuscripts directed at the economics discipline and the popular press She has written seven articles for the Hispanic Economic Outlook and articles for the Minority report that target increasing diversity within the economics profession.

Professor Mora has been invited to share her research expertise on Hispanic/Latino socioeconomic outcomes across the U S including with the White House Initiative for the Educational Excellence of Hispanics the White House Council of Economic Advisers the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas the U S Department of Labor among other agencies and institutions.

Congratulations on such an illustrious career!

Marie Mora, PhD
Associate Vice Chancellor
for Strategic Initiatives
University of Missouri St. Louis