December Research Seminar

2022 ASHE Disertation Award

Sergio Ernesto Barrera 

Sergio Ernesto Barrera has been selected as the 2022 American Society of Hispanic Economists Annual Dissertation Award recipient. He  is an Assistant Professor in Economics at Virginia Tech. He received his PhD in Economics from the University of Minnesota in 2022. 

His research focuses on racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic inequality in labor market, education, and criminal justice outcomes.

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Hi, I am looking to assemble a panel on children's mental health for @ASHEcon 2023. If interested, email me ( #EconTwitter @jevaygrooms

Honored to be elected as the 2023 @ASHE_ASSA President-Elect. Grateful for current and past leaders including @A_FloresLagunes Sandra Orozco-Aleman @UofLEcon @econ_garcia @lblancoraynal Fernando Lozano @Marietmora Alberto Dávila Juan DelaCruz

Beer and tea powered the Industrial Revolution by sustaining the 🇬🇧 population boom:
🫖The practice of boiling water for tea lowered mortality rates by an amazing 25% in lower water-quality areas!
🍺Beer drinking lowered disease.

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