Who We Are

The American Society of Hispanic Economists (ASHE) is a professional association of economists concerned with the under-representation of Hispanic Americans in the economics profession at a time when Hispanics represent 18.7 percent of the United States’ population.

Our primary goals include:

  • Promoting the vitality of Hispanics in the economics profession through education, service, and excellence;
  • Promoting rigorous research on economic and policy issues affecting U.S. Hispanic communities and the nation as a whole; and
  • Engaging more Hispanic Americans to effectively participate in the economics profession.

ASHE is an open membership society; anyone can join who is interested in our mission.

We host our regular business meeting at the Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) Annual Meetings.

ASHE members benefit from regular updates and information on employment, research and grant opportunities, and graduate-student programs/fellowships/scholarships. We also mentor graduate students and junior faculty.

If you are interested in becoming a member of ASHE, click on the Membership tab.