For those of you advising undergraduates about potential graduate programs, I just want to put in a plug for the UMass Boston MA program in Applied Economics.  We have a progressive and diverse economics faculty and student body whose interests include political economy, urban economics, feminist economics, ecological economics, and post-Keynesian economics. Our program does a great job at providing students with the skills they need to get jobs doing applied economic research at progressive research departments and agencies in the public and private sector.

All classes are small and offered late in the day or early evening, so students can hold full-time or part-time jobs.  We also offer over half of our students with research or teaching assistantships that help cover tuition and provide them with valuable skills.  We especially welcome under-represented minorities, women, and 1st generation college students.
Applications are due March 15 (although we will accept them up until June 1 if the class is not full).  Please feel free to have interested students contact me directly.

Randy Albelda