The UTEP Department of Economics & Finance is one of the Institutional Sponsors of ASHE. 

This week, the Brookings Institution released a study that ranks UTEP as the Top Ranked Public University in terms of research productivity and student social mobility!

The name of the new study is “Ladders, Labs, or Laggards? Which Public Universities Contribute Most?”by Dmitrios Halikias and Richard V. Reeves.

It can be accessed online at

Most satisfyingly, from an economic perspective, this Brookings ranking is based on the public choice research of George Stigler:

G.J. Stigler, 1970, “Director’s Law of Public Income Redistribution,”  Journal of Law & Economics 13(1), 1-10.


An edited version of a campus announcement of the UTEP ranking appears below.

Some of the other ASHE Institutional Sponsors also rank well in the study.

Given that, plus the fact that Brookings is a fairly objective arbiter, I hope you and Sue will consider forwarding this information to the ASHE mailing list.

UTEP is receiving national attention with the release of a study by the Brookings Institution,“Ladders, Labs, or Laggards? Which Public Universities Contribute Most,” by Dmitrios Halikias and Richard V. Reeves.  The full report is available at:

Briefly, the Brookings study examines the performance of 342 public universities along two value dimensions that are commonly used to justify public investments in them: research productivity and student social mobility.  After first identifying the institutions that promote knowledge through research (defined as Carnegie R1 and R2 Classifications) and those that promote social mobility (defined as those with the highest share of students from the bottom 20% of U.S. household incomes, per Chetty, et al., 2017), the researchers sought to determine which universities perform well in both research and social mobility.  On that basis, UTEP is the top ranked campus in the country!

This #1 ranking is a validation of UTEP’s success in delivering on its dual mission of access and excellence, as well as 25 year quest to be the first national research university with an authentically 21st century student demographic.  It contributes significantly to UTEP’s growing visibility as a higher education leader, and adds value to all UTEP diplomas, a large percentage of which are held by Hispanic and Latino(a) alumni.