ASHE SESSION 1 Title: Race, Ethnicity and Labor Market Outcomes

Paper 1: “The Labor Market for Lifeguards and Racial vs. Ethnic Disparities in Drowning Rates.” Samuel L. Myers and Yufeng Lai, University of Minnesota—Department of Economics

Paper 2: “Occupational Health, Injuries, and Productivity of Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Farmworkers in the U.S.”
 Anita Alves Pena, Colorado State University—Department of Economics

Paper 3: “The Generational Progress of Mexican Americans,” Stephen J. Trejo, The University of Texas at Austin—Department of Economics; Brian Duncan, University of Colorado Denver—Department of Economics; Jeffrey Grogger, University of Chicago—Harris School of Public Policy; Ana Sofia Leon, Universidad Diego Portales—Department of Business and Economics

Paper 4: “Cognitive load during organizational change: The role of individual work attitudes and perceived organizational factors,” Salvador Contreras, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley—Department of Economics and Finance

ASHE SESSION 2 Title: Crime, Migration, and Foreign Direct Investment in the Mexican Context

Paper 1: “Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico, Crime, and Economic Forces,” René Cabral and Eduardo Saucedo, Tecnológico de Monterrey—EGADE Business School; André Varella Mollick, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley—Department of Economics and Finance; Eduardo Saucedo

Paper 2: “How does Crime affect Migration? Evidence from the Recent Mexican Crime Wave,” Luisa R. Blanco, Pepperdine University—School of Public Policy; Isabel Ruiz, University of Oxford—Harris Manchester College; Carlos Vargas-Silva, University of Oxford—Centre on Migration, Policy and Society

Paper 3: “Measuring Sub-national Migration Networks using Matrıculas Consulares,” Brian C. Cadena, University of Colorado—Boulder and IZA; Maria Esther Caballero, Carnegie Mellon University; Brian I. Kovak, Canegie Melon University, NBER and IZA.

ASHE SESSION 3 Title: International Economics Topics

Paper 1: “The Demand for Imports and Exports in Africa: A Survey,” Charles Sawyer, Texas Christian University; Michae Olabisi, Pepperdine University

Paper 2: “On Foreign Aid Fungibility and Aid Effectiveness: The Role of Consumer Preferences over Government Spending,” John Nana Francois, University of Kansas—Department of Economics; Taufiq Dawood, Syiah duala University—Business and Economics Department

Paper 3: “Habit Formation and the Risk-Pricing of Oil,” Justin Johnson Kakeu, Morehouse College—Department of Economics; Pierre Evariste Nguikeu, Georgia State University—Department of Economics

ASHE Session 4 Title: Puerto Rico: A Century of “Progress” under the Jones Act

Panelists: Mark Hugo López, Pew Research Center—Hispanic Research; Mario Marazzi, Institute of Statistics of Puerto Rico; Edwin Melendez, Hunter College CUNY—Center for Puerto Rican Studies; Marie T. Mora, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley—Department of Economics and Finance