Dear Members and Friends of the National Economic Association (NEA),

The National Economic Association invites proposals for sessions and papers to be presented at the annual meetings of the Allied Social Science Association (ASSA).

DATE: January 5-7, 2018
PLACE: Philadelphia, PA

Proposals for complete sessions are preferred, along with the name(s) of organizers who will take primary responsibility for communicating with session participants. Please upload proposals to Full session proposals are desired.
Presentation requires NEA membership.

Program Chair Gbenga Ajilore will help organize sessions. Sessions on any topic will be considered with special attention given to full session proposals. Preference will be given to sessions (and papers) that come with potential discussants.

We are especially interested in sessions on the following topics:

Criminal Justice Issues: Incarceration, Policing, and Reforms
Issues in Health Economics: Health Care, Health Coverage, and Community Health
Politics and Policy I: The Post-Obama Era
Politics and Policy II: The Trump Era
Financial Economics

Session proposals should include the following:*
1) Session Title and Abstract (250 word limit)
2) Primary & two secondary JEL classification codes that best describe the panel
3) Name of session organizer and moderator
4) Titles and abstracts of proposed session papers (250 word limit each)
5) At least three (3) potential discussants
6) Contact information and affiliations of organizer, moderator, authors and discussants
7) Format for any submission is strictly MS Word or PDF.

*Single paper submissions are also considered. Please include author’s contact information, JEL classification codes, abstract and a potential discussant.